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We create supportive employment for individuals on the autism spectrum. We would like to act as a steppingstone for individuals that have struggled to find or maintain employment and to help them to reenter the workforce.

Welcome to our Employment page.

Check out how we’ve been creating opportunities for our staff, meet our team and more.


Gardening A Difference is a work environment that understands and accommodates our staff's sensory and behavioral diversities. This creates a safe environment for our staff to build confidence in their abilities, add a reference to their resume, and work through our in-house training program, which builds and maintains competencies in gardening skills, workplace health and safety, teamwork, leadership, and life skills. Time after time, we witness prospective employees, who have often been continually overlooked, arrive for interviews feeling defeated and expecting more of the same. Seeing them transform into confident and competent team members at Gardening A Difference is what it's all about. We believe in giving people who deserve a chance the opportunity to shine, not focusing on their diagnosis but on the person striving to emerge from its shadow.

Impact and Success Stories

 Gardening A Difference staff find themselves in all sorts of places, like interning at Tesla, perusing photography, gardening for the council, studying teaching and law, and a special mention to Matthew Townsend (2017-2018), who founded "Nature Freedom." An organization that empowers individuals with disabilities, offering them the opportunity to embark on extraordinary adventures. Matthew was recently nominated for the QLD 40 under 40 award. Matthew’s journey exemplifies the height of our ambition. We didn’t inspire Nature Freedom, we didn’t transform Matthew’s life, we gave someone who deserved a chance, a chance. Matthew did the rest.

Marble Surface


"Akin to a family, provides unwavering support, fosters emotional connections, promotes growth and exhibits resilience in adversity, creating an environment where individuals feel valued and motivated to achieve their shared goals."

George Arkinstall

Co-founder / Team Leader


After multiple hospitalizations for 

depression and fighting off drug and alcohol abuse George decided he wanted more from life. He found refuge in helping his brother, he continues to find strength in

helping others in similar situation to where Harry once was. 

Harry Arkinstall

Co-founder / Gardener


Co-founders of

Gardening a Difference. Harry has witnessed significant personal growth since the inception of Gardening A Difference. Harry's remarkable journey stands as a testament to the profound impact of he, and his brothers mission. Harry is the founder of team Marvel on the GAD team.




George and Harry's

younger brother, is a law student who

has been working as a gardener for his brother. His commitment to both academic and horticultural endeavors reflects a strong work ethic and dedication to personal


Lachlan McDonald



Lachie, an exceptional

gardener, and maintains perfect attendance. While can be a tough crowd for George's jokes, there is no doubt he is a loving son and brother. In his leisure moments, he enjoys  Lego-building creativity, and is a firm spokesperson for the DC camp in the GAD crew.

Daniel Morrow



Dan is a valued team member,

he brings dedication and punctuality

to his role as a gardener. He's not just a green thumb; he's also a talented musician, infusing our team with his passion and professionalism.

Ted MacGinley



Ted is a passionate green thumb with an affinity for lawn care. He’s not only skilled at maintaining lush lawns but also possesses an uncanny ability to identify lawn mower brands from a distance of 100 meters. Ted’s friendly demeanor makes him a delightful conversationalist, and he aspires to build a rewarding career in groundskeeping. 

Utah Stephens



Utah, with his calm and pleasant nature, not only excels in training competencies but is also a knowledgeable horticulturalist. His friendly and supportive presence enriches our team dynamics and he is always willing and ready to

get stuck into work.

Yuri Webb



Yuri stands out  with his keen eye for detail, making his work impeccable. He's a cheerful and sociable team member, always ready for a chat. He has high ambition, he aims to obtain his driver's license and ultimately would like to become a future team leader.

Clancy Robinson



Clancy's firm handshake

reflects his fair and reliable nature. He's known for his great sense of humor and an unquenchable thirst for learning. Clancy is a proud member of Team FIFA, he is always ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities.

Hannah Arkinstall

Operations Manager


Hannah, George's wife,

serves as the warm and welcoming voice on the other end of the phone. She plays a pivotal role in managing bookings, accounts, and driving business development for the team.


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